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Your Why

Must Be Bigger Than Yourself. Create A Plan

And Act On It

-Moyn Islam




At A Glance

Moyn Islam is a British entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, professional life and career coach, and co-founder of many successful global brands. Considered as one of his generation's highly sought-after trailblazers, Moyn is the Chief Executive Officer of BE, an international brand-pioneering company, fulfilling his commitment to providing jobs to thousands of people. 



Moyn is a leader of the highest caliber, spearheading multiple global companies simultaneously. He led the many brands he co-founded to success. 


As a serial entrepreneur, Moyn possesses unwavering optimism and ingenuity that drove each of his start-ups in different industries to victory. 


Moyn shares his passions and knowledge in life and career to help change-seeking professionals and organizations realize their dreams.  



Born from a working-class family, Moyn realized at a young age that full-time employment is not the path for him. Moyn was recognized as a top performer in the Direct Selling industry after leading a sales team with more than  250,000 Customers  in just a year, alongside his brother.  

From there, Moyn’s career boomed and furthered into a venture in life and business coaching. Today, Moyn is a highly regarded mentor sought-after by ambitious individuals of all statuses from professionals seeking a career change to established multi-corporation business owners.  

A Lifelong and Keen Philanthropist

Backstage, away from the limelight, Moyn silently works to impact the lives of as many people as possible. He is especially passionate about guaranteeing a successful future for young people by inspiring them to have the right mindset and equipping them with experience, skills, and education. 

Moyn has also funded the education of dedicated but financially incapable students to pursue their studies. He and his brothers provided financial support to refugees from all over the world. 

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Take your first confident step towards your dreams today! With Moyn, you can make bolder decisions as he guides you every step of the way.

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